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Stone World, Inc. supplies high quality, hand-carved granite and marble products for indoor and outdoor decorations. As a direct importer and wholesaler, we revolutionized the industry by providing

antique millstones

Low Prices

High Quality

Prompt Shipping

Excellent Customer Service

Incredible Selection And Inventory

our products

Our extensive quality control programs at the factory site ensure the best products for our valued customers.

Due to their hand-carved nature, all pieces are unique to some extent. Reasonable variations in size, color, and presentation are characteristics of the products; they should not be considered as deviations from good quality.

marble lions

our inventory includes

Lanterns, Fountains, Basins, Birdbaths
Pagodas, Bridges, Stepping Stones
Benches, Spheres, Obelisks
Bowls, Guide Posts
Custom Orders
Marble Sculptures
Quan-yins, Buddhas, Statues
Lions, Foodogs, Elephants, Dogs, Cats
Urns, Planters, Antique Troughs, Millstones

and much much more!

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